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Engineering | SENSIP

ASU SenSIP Research Experiences for Teachers
Summer Sessions and Participants

Summer 2021



Site Coordinator: Kristen Jaskie, SenSIP Center, ECEE, ASU

Site PIs: A. Spanias, J. Blain Christen, J. Larson, M. Yeon Li.

Introductory Presentation by PI: Spanias

2021 Summer Projects: 

 a) The Effect of Bias in Training Data, Brian Hawkins – Elevator Pitch | Poster | ReportPresentation 

 b) LBRT and Machine Learning to Reduce Megafauna Bycatch, Anna Haywood – Elevator Pitch | Poster Presentation | Summary  

 c) Tinyml Model Minimization for Arduino Nano 33 Ble Sense, Bradley Voracek – Elevator PitchPresentation | Summary

 d) Using Lyophilization to Make Reagent Pellets for Rapid Covid 19 Testing, Kayla Karl – Elevator PitchReportPresentation | Summary 

 e) Profiling of Quantum Computers and Simulators, Filippo Posta – Elevator Pitch | Poster | Report Presentation | Summary

 f) Lyophilization of Lamp Reagents for Point-of-care Saliva, Brianne Loya- Elevator Pitch | Poster | Presentation | Summary

 g) Power Predictions in PV Panels, Deborah Sweeting- Elevator PitchPresentation |

 h) Detecting Pneumonia using Audio Spectral Features, Ashley Fauss- Elevator PitchPresentation | Presentation

 i) Analyzing Noise from a Cortex Level Neural Array, Azira Rivera- Elevator PitchPresentation |