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Engineering | SENSIP

Message from the Director

On behalf of the SenSIP faculty and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (IAFSE) administration, we welcome you to the Sensor Signal and Information Processing (SenSIP) Center. SenSIP originated as an IAFSE research cluster with signal processing and communications faculty from the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering in 2004. IAFSE cluster funding supported activities across disciplines with faculty seeking a common research and education agenda in sensor theory and applications. New contracts and grant opportunities brought new membership to SenSIP from the Biodesign Institute and the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics, SEMTE, CIDSE, and SBHSE.

SenSIP launched an industry consortium with focus areas in digital signal processing (DSP), wireless communications, sensor systems, information networks, and applications in multimodal sensing, real time systems, and sensor networks. The industry consortium is directed by A. Spanias and has several members, including, Acoustic Technologies, Intel Corporation, National Instruments, LG Communications, Lockheed Martin, NXP, Sprint, IFS and Raytheon Missile Systems. The SenSIP Consortium has been funded by the NSF I/UCRC program. SenSIP is now a Phase 2 I/UCRC site and will continue collaboration with the Net-Centric I/UCRC.
We invite SenSIP consortium membership from local and national industry with benefits that include:

  • Cost effective and reduced overhead research.
  • Projects co-defined/co-advised by industry members and faculty.
  • Consortium students spend time both at ASU and industry site.
  • Privileged access to student portfolios; Student accessible only to consortium members.
  • Industry members tap on SenSIP faculty expertise; ASU knowledge base in signal processing, communications, sensor networks, software and hardware, speech, video and multimedia systems.
  • Access to algorithms/tools/documents useful to the industry community.
  • The SenSIP consortium can create customized courses for the industry members.
  • SenSIP faculty organize and give seminars on topics defined by industry members.
  • One half day short course per year on topics covered by our faculty.
  • SenSIP Website access available to industry members with repository of software tools.
  • Organize training workshops on sensors, DSP, communications.
  • Membership in the industry advisory board where industry members defines research directions.
  • Industry-friendly IP Arrangement. Royalty free non-exclusive IP rights on shared research.
  • Recruiting advantage by developing relationships with students at an early stage.
  • Program involves over twenty faculty with full research facilities.
  • SenSIP Graduate training certificate in sensors and signal processing.
  • Privileged access to state-of-the-art research through SenSIP reports, journal and conference reports from conference visits in target areas.

  • Continuing education,

  • Technical seminars with distinguished speakers,

  • doctoral and master student portfolios,

  • software and hardware tools, and

  • member passwords to restricted SenSIP research and education content.

We look forward to a strong industry-university research and education partnership.

Andreas Spanias 

SenSIP Center Director