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Engineering | SENSIP

Energy and Low Power Systems

Solar_cellsThis project addresses signal processing and communication problems associated with the management of utility-scale “green” energy production. Several new signal processing, modeling, and wireless communication methods are developed for optimizing photovoltaic (PV) or solar panel arrays using sensors and other smart monitoring devices. This is a joint project with Paceco Corporation on design and implementation aspects of the sensors and smart monitoring devices.

  • Signal Processing for Fault Detection in Photovoltaic Arrays
  • Signal Processing for Photovoltaic Applications
  • Signal processing for solar array monitoring, fault detection, and optimization (Book to be published)


lowpowersystems Algorithms and techniques are developed to reduce power consumption by multimedia systems. Applications include developing low-power video transmission systems, low-power mobile multimedia recording and signal processing systems and low-power transceivers to work with the signal processing modules.

Energy-Efficient Video Transmission Over a Wireless Link
AnySP: Anytime Anywhere Anyway Signal Processing