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Engineering | SENSIP

Industry Projects

SenSIP Industry ConsortiumThe SenSIP Industry Consortium performs use-inspired research in sensor and information systems, adaptive and non-linear systems, digital signal and image processing, wireless communications, networks, and multimedia. Applications addressed include information processing, software systems, integrated sensing, biomedicine and genomics, defense and homeland security, sustainability and environmental technologies, speech/audio processing and telephony, imaging and video systems, low power realizations, real-time implementations, smart stages and interactive media, and vehicular sensing.

Funded Industry Consortium Programs with SenSIP

Program with Intel Corporation On Architecture Design Tools for IoT

Program with Raytheon – Computer Vision; Target tracking

Program with NXP (Freescale) –  Machine Learning / Sensors  or Fault Detection

Program with Lockheed Martin;   Extraction of Advanced Geospatial Intelligence (AGI)

Program with LG;  Sensor Internetworks for Time  Critical Applications

Program with Sprint – Sensor Localization Sequential WSN

Program with IFS;  Hemoflow Sensors (SBIR)

Program with ViaSOL and ACT; Sensors for Solar Monitoring

Program with Acoustic  Technologies, Non Linear Echo Cancellers,

Program with  National Instruments,  LabView Programming for DSP and Sensors.