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Industry Projects


Title of Project Authors Poster Link
Space-Based Computational Imaging Systems O. Iqbal, S. Jayasuriya, A. Spanias Click Here
Nanopore Sensors and Signal Processing Algorithm for Health Monitoring

M. Malu, M. Goryll, A. Spanias, T. Thornton

Click Here
Regularizing Deep Neural Networks for Quantization Robustness P. Kadambi, V. Berisha Click Here
Reconfiguring Photovoltaic Arrays for Optimizing Power Output using Neural Networks V. Narayanaswamy, A. Spanias, R. Ayyanar and C. Tepedelenlioglu Click Here
Semi-Supervised Learning and Graph Signal Processing using Attention based Graph Neural Network U. Shanthamallu, H. Song, A. Spanias, J. Thiagarajan Click Here
Machine Learning for MIMO Channel Prediction J. Booth, A. Alkhateeb, A. Ewaisha, A. Spanias Click Here
Fault Classification in PV Arrays using Machine Learning D. Pujara, S. Rao, C. Tepedelenlioglu, D. Srinivasan, A. Spanias Click Here
Global Optimization of Graph Filters With Multiple Shift Matrices J. Fan, C. Tepedelenliogu, A. Spanias Click Here
Learning from Positive and Unlabeled Data K. Jaskie, A. Spanias Click Here
Invenio: Discovering Hidden Relationships Between Tasks/Domains Using Structured Meta Learning S. Katoch, K. Thopalli, J. Thiagarajan, P. Turaga, A. Spanias Click Here
Machine Learning for MEMS sensor validation G. Muniraju, L. Canales, T. Li, A. Spanias, S. Garre Click Here

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