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Engineering | SENSIP

Industry Projects

Industry Advisory Board (IAB):
1) Mike Stanley , NXP – Sensor Fusion and DSP (Chair)
2) Alphonso Samuel, Raytheon (chair) – Radar Systems (2 memberships)
3) Joseph Gilman, Sprint Communications – Mobile Communications
4) Claire Jackowski, Intel – Gesture Estimation, Scene Analysis (2 memberships)
5) Steve Miller, Aperio DSP, FPGA
6) Devarajan Srinivasan, Poundra, Solar Monitoring
7) Andrew Levi, AlphaCore Inc, Machine Learning
8) Joe Marvin, PSG, Radar Systems

Members at Large (non voting and past members)
1) Brian Mears, Intel
2) Glen Abousleman, General Dynamics
3) Chu Fu Chang, Formerly Lockheed Martin
4) B.K. Yi, Formerly LG
5) Murat Ocksay, Interactive Flow (IFS) -Imaging Sensors for Blood Flow Measurements
6) Steve Whalley, Formerly MEMS & Sensors Industry Group

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