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Engineering | SENSIP

Tanay Patel

Student Name: Tanay Kamlesh Patel


LinkedIn: Tanay Patel




Meet Tanay Kamlesh Patel, a diligent scholar, currently navigating the complex world of Electrical Engineering as a Direct Ph.D. student at Arizona State University (ASU) under the distinguished School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE). Tanay’s academic narrative began at the University of Mumbai where he acquired his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering from the Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. The amalgam of circuits, signals, and telecommunication networks sparked his curiosity, setting the stage for his quantum expedition.

As a Research Assistant, Tanay is diving deep into the realm of Quantum Signal Processing, with a keen interest in the auditory spectrum. He is currently engrossed in elevating Quantum Linear Prediction to a higher dimension. His endeavors include immersing in audio and speech within the quantum domain, aiming to reshape the conventional frameworks of signal processing. Tanay is also contributing to the JDSP website, aspiring to emulate and implement quantum linear prediction algorithms on JDSP, opening doors to the quantum realm for the digital signal processing community.

Entrusted as a Teaching Assistant for EEE 407/591 – Digital Signal Processing, Tanay is committed to creating a nurturing learning environment. His role includes aiding students in grasping the course material, resolving their queries concerning homework and labs, and kindling their intrigue in the realm of digital signal processing.

Tanay’s passion for music, particularly as a budding vocalist in Indian Classical music, echoes through his academic pursuits. The harmonious tunes of classical ragas not only satiate his soul but also fuel his intellectual inquisitiveness. Inspired by the traditional ragas, Tanay endeavors to deepen his understanding of speech and audio, aiming to bridge the quantum realm with the classical notes of music.


Tanay extends his profound gratitude for the unwavering guidance and support from his advisors, peers, and the ASU community, who have been instrumental in his academic and personal growth. The mentorship and encouragement from them have been crucial in navigating the challenges and triumphs of his Ph.D. journey.