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Engineering | SENSIP

Sameeksha Katoch_PhD

                                                   Student Name: Sameeksha Katoch    Email address:                                                                                                                                                                 

Pursuing Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from ASU specializing in Computer Vision focusing on aspects of  Time Series Prediction. My research interests include Image Processing, computer vision, and machine learning.

Currently working on CPS project (Synergy: Image Modelling and Machine Learning Algorithms for Utility- Scale Solar Panel Monitoring) with the Sensor Signal and Information Processing (SenSIP) Lab. Working on dynamic texture synthesis utilizing both classical machine learning algorithms and state-of-art deep learning paradigms.  Consequently, these results will be used in Solar PV power forecasting which is useful to integrate the solar power in the existing power grids.


List of Publications:

  • Abhinav Dixit, Sameeksha Katoch, Photini Spanias, Mahesh Banavar, Huan Song, Andreas Spanias, “Development of Signal Processing Online Labs using HTML5 and Mobile platforms,” FIE 2017 (in preparation).
  • Vamsi. K., Katoch. S., “System Identification of Quadcopter by Flight Data Acquisition”, Forum 72, AHS International – Vertical Flight Control.


I acknowledge the SenSIP Center of Electrical Engineering for the excellent advisory and support.