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Huan Song, PhD

Student Name: Huan Song, PhD

Email address:


Background and Research Interests:

“Currently, I am working as a PhD student at the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering of Arizona State University (ASU), under the advisory of Professor Spanias. My M.S. and B.S. degrees both in electrical engineering are received from ASU on May 2015 and from Xidian University, China on May 2012, respectively

My research focuses on feature fusion in machine learning problems. Specifically I utilize kernel methods and deep learning for problems in computer vision and time-series analysis.”



Song, J. J. Thiagarajan, P. Sattigeri, K. N. Ramamurthy, and A. Spanias, “A deep learning approach for multiple kernel fusion”, in IEEE ICASSP, New Orleans, 2016.

Song, J. J. Thiagarajan, K. N. Ramamurthy, and A. Spanias, “Auto-context modeling using multiple kernel learning”, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Phoenix, 2016.

Song, J. J. Thiagarajan, K. N. Ramamurthy, A. Spanias, and P. Turaga, “Consensus inference on mobile phone sensors for activity recognition”, in IEEE ICASSP, Shanghai, 2016.

Linda. K. N. Ramamurthy. H. Song. M. Banavar, “Interactive tools for global sustainability and earth systems: sea level change and temperature”, IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, Oklahoma City, 2013.



I acknowledge SenSIP center, Electrical Engineering at ASU for support and advisory.