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Mohit Malu – PhD

Student Name: Mohit Malu, PhD

Email address:

LinkedIn: Mohit Malu


Background and Research Interests:

Mohit Malu is a PhD student in electrical engineering at ASU, jointly advised by Dr. Andreas Spanias and Dr. Gautam Dasarathy. He joined ASU in fall 2018. Before this, he was working as a Production analyst at Polyplex Europa. He received his B.Tech in Electrical Engineering in 2013 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, and MS in electrical engineering from ASU in 2021.

His research interests include Bayesian optimization, bandit algorithms, reinforcement learning, computer vision, and Image processing. Currently, he is working on modeling and optimization of heterogeneous functions using the treed Gaussian process. He has interned at ON Semiconductor in Summer 2019 and Summer 2020 where he worked on building an exploration algorithm for optimal circuit design and a neural network based model to improve the efficiency of power converters. Previously he has also worked on the Machine Learning and Signal Processing aspects of Ion Channel Sensors to improve the fidelity of the sensors as they are highly susceptible to noise.


I acknowledge the SenSIP Center of Electrical Engineering at ASU for the advisory and support.