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Engineering | SENSIP

Maxwell Yarter

Student Name: Maxwell Yarter, MS, SenSIP

LinkedIn: Maxwell Yarter




Maxwell Yarter received his BSE in Electrical Engineering with a focus in signal processing and communication systems from Arizona State University in 2022. Currently, he is pursuing an MS in Electrical Engineering in the universities 4+1 program with an anticipated graduation in the spring of 2023.

Max began his work in the SenSIP lab as a member of the 2021 International Research Experience for Undergraduates (IRES) in collaboration with the KIOS center in Cyprus. In this program he explored machine learning applications for solar energy and investigated feature analysis and optimization techniques. Subsequently, he continued his work in the lab as an undergraduate researcher exploring quantum computing algorithms with a focus on encryption and machine learning. Max is currently a Graduate Research Associate in the SenSIP lab continuing his research in quantum machine learning for speech recognition.

I’m thankful for all the opportunities and experience that the SenSIP center has provided for me and for the mentorship of Dr. Andreas Spanias and Glen Uehara in my studies of signal processing, machine learning, and quantum computing.


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