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Engineering | SENSIP

Kaden McGuffie

Student Name: Kaden McGuffie

LinkedIn: Kaden McGuffie


Kaden McGuffie is an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering and in pursuit of a Masters degree. In the summer of 2022, Kaden worked in SenSIP’s IRES program where he learned the fundamentals of machine learning and quantum computing. The IRES program included research at Arizona State University and the University of Cyprus. Kaden worked with datasets to predict different types of faults in solar panels, as well as the power production of solar panels in Nicosia, Cyprus, given the day’s forecasting data. He also worked with quantum machine learning algorithms, in order to find any quantum advantage within given datasets. After the summer program ended, Kaden was awarded an NSF grant to continue research at SenSIP Laboratory, where he currently is researching algorithms into emotion detection in audio files.


I am grateful to SenSIP Laboratory and the NSF for providing mentorship and support with my research projects.


[1] Kaden McGuffie, Glen Uehara, Sameeksha Katoch and Andreas Spanias, “Quantum and Classical Machine Learning Algorithm Comparisons for Monitoring PV Array Faults with Emphasis to Shading Detection”, July 2022.